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  • Foldable and swivelling davits - Made of aluminium, designed to lower the outboard motor on the tender; a clever system enables easy mounting and dismounting, slip-off system from the brackets; coated with epoxy white resin, fitted with hoist and stainless steel blocks as well as stainless steel hooks, universal size fits any boat.

  • Stainless steel swivelling davit - Ideal to hoist tenders (in pairs) or outboard engines. Fitted with recess-fir stainless steel bushing, return pulley and nylon line.

  • Swivelling davits - Made with mirror polished stainless steel tube. The davits are swivelling and can be removed due to their easy mounting system - stainless steel bushings, similar to a ski hauling rod; the deck mounting part is supplied with a long length and may be cut to fit the desired size. It is recommended to preventhaving davit overhang parts...

  • Telescopic davits - Made of anodized aluminium, universal size; fitted with double pulley and standing end for the gangway and tender; two operating positions: on axis with the boat (tender mounting), or inclined at 20° on the inner part (gangway mounting). The telescopic part B) can be adjusted in various positions, providing a perfect adjustment for...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items